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UL iQ for Plastics includes materials covered under the following categories

Component Plastics - (QMFZ2)
This covers materials that have been tested in accordance with established methods to define their properties in order to facilitate investigation of their use in end-use product applications. ANSI/UL 94 small-scale test data does not pertain to building materials, furnishings and related contents. ANSI/UL 94 small-scale test data is intended solely for determining the flammability of plastic materials used in the components and parts of end-product devices and appliances, where the acceptability of the combination is determined by UL.
Plastics for Additive Manufacturing - (QMTC2)
Materials intended for additive manufacturing (commonly referred to as 3D printing), which uses defined process parameters specific to the type of additive manufacturing technique.
Recognized Molders - (QMMY2)
Recognized Molders are investigated in accordance with the material traceability program described in ANSI/UL 746D, "Polymeric Materials - Fabricated Parts." Under this program, the molder or fabricator is required to keep adequate records which will trace the correctly identified material from receipt through storage, inventory withdrawal, molding, finishing, packaging and shipping.
Drinking Water System Materials - (FDNP2)
These materials are intended for use in the manufacturing of finished products used in distribution systems for drinking water. Investigation is conducted in accordance with ANSI/NSF 61, "Drinking Water System Components - Health Effects". The compatibility of these materials with parts made from other materials used in a drinking water system has not been investigated.
Materials for use in Wire, Cable and Flexible Lighting Products - (QMTT2)
These materials are intended for further processing for use as components of complete wire and cable and, where indicated, the extruded enclosures of flexible lighting products submitted for investigation.
Plenum Cable Compounds - (QMTM2)
These are compounds that undergo a program of analytical characterization tests. The basic requirements used to investigate products in this category are contained in UL Subject 2257, "Outline of Investigation for Identification Tests for Jacket and Insulation Materials Used in Plenum Cables".
Photovoltaic Materials - (QIHE2)
This category covers materials that may consist of polymeric materials and other materials for use in fabricating photovoltaic (PV) modules or their components.


All manufacturers of Recognized plastic materials covered under QMFZ2 have the responsibility of having test specimen properly molded in accordance with the instructions in their Standard Appendix Pages (SAPs) and forwarded to the indicated UL testing office, along with the completed Sample Tag, Form 3000-217. This applies whether the samples are molded at the manufacturer's facility or at another molding location. The manufacturer is ultimately responsible for the molding and shipment of the required FUS test specimen. Manufacturers may choose to have FUS samples molded at UL TTC, to facilitate this service, please use the TTC Molding Request Form
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