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The UL iQ™ for Sign Components Database is the new source of information previously contained in UL's:
UL’s Follow-Up Service Procedure authorizes manufacturers covered under UL’s Listing and Follow-Up Services for Electric Signs (UXYT/7), and Field-Assembled Skeletal Neon Sign and Outline Lighting Systems (UZBL/7) to apply the specified UL Listing Mark to products which comply with the requirements expressed in the Follow-Up Service Procedure, the associated Follow-Up and Inspection Instructions (FUII Pages) and the UL Standard for Electric Signs (UL 48). Compliance with these documents requires that manufacturers primarily use component products that are UL Listed. This database is a list that authorizes manufacturers to use certain UL Recognized Components, Classified Components and other non-Listed products, when they are used in accordance with 1) the conditions expressed for the components in this database, 2) the installation instructions for the component, and 3) the requirements expressed in the documents noted above.
Use of this Database
The UL iQ™ for Sign Components Database is intended to assist manufacturers who may wish to use a Recognized Component or other non-Listed products in their UL Listed Electric Signs, Field Assembled Skeletal Neon Sign and Outline Lighting Systems, and provides the following:
  • authorization to use all components included this database when the component is used according to the requirements of the Follow-Up Service Procedure, the UL Standard for Electric Signs, UL 48, the associated Follow-Up and Inspection Instructions (FUII Pages), and the specified limitations or conditions of use
  • names of companies which are authorized to provide the components identified in this database
  • information about the product categories and product types covered by the specific manufacturer or for a specific class or category of product
  • information relating to the ratings, characteristics and conditions of use applying to specific component model designations or general conditions of use applying to product categories
The companies identified in this database are those authorized to appear in UL’s Online Certifications Directory. For more information please click on the following links: UL Recognized Components and UL Classified Products
This database is organized based on UL product category and component type. You can perform a generic search by selecting either, or both, a specific product category or a product type. You may also search by entering one or more of the other available parameters including: File Number, Model or Catalog Designation, Key Word, Environmental Suitability (i.e. dry, damp wet), and Company Name.
Component Recognitions are displayed alphabetically by individual model designation. Selecting on a given model designation will open complete Certification for the model. Each Certification identifies the product category, the company name and address, product ratings and conditions of use. Products that are not certified by UL are identified under the category titled "Miscellaneous Non-Recognized Devices (MISC)" and are arranged alphabetically by their common name.
When individual Recognitions are not included in the search result, the category title and general conditions of use applicable to all products under the category are displayed instead. A link to UL’s Online Certifications Directory is also provided to identify companies authorized to use the Recognized Marking and components that are authorized to bear the Recognized Marking for the product category.
Links to Product Category Guide Information are included either at the top of each model designation iQ Card or next to the category title in the search results, except for the Miscellaneous Non-Recognized Devices (MISC) category. The Guide Information provides important information regarding the scope and limitation of the Component Recognitions and a general description of the Recognized Marking authorized for Component Recognition in that category. Unless otherwise noted, the limitations and conditions of use provided in the Product Category Guide Information are to be applied to all components having Recognition in that category.
Some companies may be authorized to use a trade name or trademark for identification of Recognized Components in place of their company name, in such cases, refer to UL’s Online Certifications Directory for a reproduction of the trade name or trademark.
Products listed under the Miscellaneous Non-Recognized Devices (MISC) category may be produced by any manufacturer. Such products are not certified by UL, and, UL in no way has established Agreements with the manufacturers of such products that may be used as a basis to insure their uniformity or performance.
All components must be used for only the purpose intended by their manufacturer and as may be identified in this database, and under the conditions of use identified in this database. However, even when the conditions of use and all other applicable requirements are met, UL reserves the right to evaluate specific constructions incorporating these products and determine suitability.
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To learn how your sign components can be added to this database send a quote request to customer service: LightingQuote@ul.com
For technical questions about the SAM iQ please contact: John.j.gallo@ul.com
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