ULiQ for Appliance Wiring Materials
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Welcome to UL's iQ for Appliance Wiring Materials Database
This database covers products that have been tested in accordance with the established procedures to define certain properties in order to facilitate the investigation of their use in end-product equipment. The wire/cable includes single- and multi-conductor constructions of a wide range of conductor sizes, insulation thickness, and materials. "Hook-up wire" and "lead wire" is covered under this category but not described as such. Wire is generally intended for the specific application as indicated on the tag, reel or smallest unit container. The voltage rating does not apply to voltage between conductors in a parallel or flat construction. A construction in any of the sections may include a jacket. Specialty wire and/or cable is intended for a specific application as defined for that construction.

A style page is used to describe the construction of each style number. The style page includes information such as temperature and voltage rating, conductor size and material, insulation material and thickness, jacket material and thickness (if provided), a description of any shields or coverings, the required markings, and the use statement. This information is used to determine the suitability of the particular wire construction for use in the particular application. A facing page may be used to modify the requirements on a style page or provide information in addition to what is on the style page. The facing page is proprietary for each manufacturer.

UL's iQ for Appliance Wiring Materials also includes products Certified in accordance with Canadian safety standards. This includes single- and multi-conductor constructions of a wide range of conductor sizes, insulation thicknesses, materials and uses. Products are grouped under Equipment Wire, Appliance Wiring Material, Lead Wire or Electronic Wire and may be further categorized by Classes and Groups.
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