Subj.758 Section 1 Page 1478 Issued:1970-01-07
Style 1478 Single conductor cable using non-integral jacket

Rating60 deg C, 30 Vac, Cable flame.
Conductor30 AWG minimum.
InsulationLabeled or complying with Manufacture's AWM Procedure.
CoveringOptional - a fibrous wrap, serving or braid; Paper; Nylon; oriented Polyethylene terephthalate; or a thermoplastic-tape wrap.
ShieldOptional, over twisted assembly or any group of cables, non-ferrous metallic braid or wrap.
JacketExtruded PVC.
Diameter of cable under jacketMinimum average thicknessMinimum thickness at any point
0.425 inch or less30 mils23 mils
0.426-0.700 inch45 mils36 mils
0.701-1.000 inch60 mils48 mils
StandardAppliance Wiring Material UL 758.
UseExternal interconnect of electronic equipment.

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