Subj.758 Section 3 Page 3239 Issued:1969-10-13
Style 3239 High voltage DC wire with extruded or non-extruded insulation

RatingMaximum 200 deg C, 60000 Vdc, Horizontal flame and VW-1 flame. See facing page for temperature and voltage ratings.
Conductor24-10 AWG copper or nickel, or 12-10 AWG aluminum, or 27-20 AWG Resistance Wire; solid or stranded. Or 24-10 AWG solid or stranded coated high strength copper - min 90% conductivity. Aluminum conductors shall be permitted for a 90 deg C maximum operating temperature. Copper conductors may be tinned, silver or nickel plated, heat bonded or overcoated.
InsulationExtruded or non-extruded Thermoplastic and/or Thermosetting. See facing page for details.
ShieldOptional. See facing page for details.
CoveringOptional. See facing page for details.
JacketOptional. See facing page for details.
StandardAppliance Wiring Material UL 758.
UseInternal wiring of TV receivers or where the acceptability has been determined by Underwriters Laboratories.

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