Subj.758 Section 1 Page 10040 Issued:1988-12-29
Style 10040 Single conductor with extruded insulation.

Rating75 deg C, 125 Vac, Horizontal flame.
ConductorResistance Wire. The conductor consists of a single 32-35 AWG Assembly copper wire helically wound 14 to 20 turns per inch over a rayon or polyester core, over this is a covering of carbon loaded PE (thickness not specified), and over this, two 35 AWG copper wires helically wound; wound 4-10 turns per inch.
InsulationExtruded XLPE, 13 mils min average, 12 mils minimum at any point of cross-linked polyethylene. See Facing Page for compound
StandardAppliance Wiring Material UL 758.
UseIn electrically heated blankets where the acceptability of the combination has been determined by UL

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