Subj.758 Section 1 Page 10162 Issued:1993-04-21
Style 10162 Single conductor with extruded insulation

Rating60, 80, 90 deg C, 600 Vac, No flame rating.
Conductor36 AWG - 1/0 AWG solid or stranded.
InsulationExtruded TPES
36-16 AWG conductor size15 mils min average13 mils minimum at any point
15-9 AWG25 avg22 min
8-2 AWG40 avg36 min
1-1/0 AWG50 avg45 min
See facing page for compound
StandardAppliance Wiring Material UL 758.
UseAs insulated singles in external interconnection wires and cable for electronic equipment. Tag may also indicate the following: "2500 V Peak - For Electronic Use Only."

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