Subj.758 Section 1 Page 10203 Issued:1994-03-18
Style 10203 Single conductor with extruded insulation

Rating150 or 200 deg C, 1000 Vac, Horizontal Flame, Optional - Oil Resistance 80 deg C , Gasoline Resistance
Conductor30 AWG - 4/0 AWG, solid or stranded.
InsulationExtruded FEP.
Conductor sizeMinimum average thicknessMinimum thickness at any point
30-10 AWG20 mils18 mils
8-2 AWG30 mils27 mils
1-4/0 AWG45 mils40 mils
CoveringOptional - Extruded FEP, 2 mils or heavier.
StandardAppliance Wiring Material UL 758.
MarkingGeneral. The tag may also indicate the following: Suitable for immersion in gasoline; gasoline vapor; and 80 deg C in oil. Wires employing Litz conductors shall be plainly marked on the tag or reel as follows: "Litz conductors are manufactured using solderable magnet wire."
UseInternal wiring of appliances.

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