Subj.758 Section 1 Page 10258 Issued:1995-11-22
Style 10258 Single conductor with extruded insulation

Rating90 deg C, 600, 1000 Vac.
Conductor32 AWG - 1/0 AWG solid or stranded round or R/C Magnet Wire (OBMW2)each single magnet wire strand is cabled or braided together with the other magnet wire strands to form a conductor. The AWG size to be determined by the DC Resistance Test
32-20 AWG conductor size12 mils min average10 mils minimum at any point
19-16 AWG14 avg12 min
15-10 AWG16 avg14 min
9-6 AWG22 avg19 min
5-2 AWG28 avg25 min
1-1/0 AWG33 avg30 min
StandardAppliance Wiring Material UL 758.
MarkingGeneral. If the Magnet Wire is employed, the words, "Magnet Wire Conductor" shall be marked and the size of the magnet wire conductor shall be identified by its maximum DC resistance at a particular temperature (Example: Maximum____________ohm/feet at ______________C)
UseFor further processing in Cables.

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