Subj.758 Section 1 Page 1124 Issued:1959-05-01
Style 1124 Single Conductor with Extruded Insulation and Non-Integral Jacket

Rating80 deg C, 300 Vac, Horizontal flame.
Conductor22 AWG or 20 AWG solid or stranded
InsulationPVC, 30 mils minimum average thickness, 27 mils minimum thickness at any point.
ShieldNo. 36-30 AWG in accordance with Standard
JacketPVC, 30 mils min average, 24 mils minimum at any point.
StandardAppliance Wiring Material UL 758.
UseAt a maximum operating temperature of 80 deg C, where the suitability of the combination has been determined by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

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