Subj.758 Section 2 Page 20019 Issued:1979-07-30
Style 20019 Multiconductor cable with extruded non-integral jacket.

Rating60 deg C, 30 Vac, VW-1 flame.
Conductor40 AWG minimum, material not specified.
InsulationPVC or XLPVC, 4 mils minimum thickness, 100 mils maximum thickness.
AssemblyTwo to six conductors. Insulated singles may be twisted or laid parallel to form round, flat, oval or non-integral SPT style cable. Barrier and/or Fillers optional.
JacketExtruded PVC, 12 mils minimum thickness, 100 mils maximum thickness. If rippable construction, 12 mils minimum thickness after rip, 0.500 mils maximum thickness web.
StandardAppliance Wiring Material UL 758.
UseInternal wiring or Low Energy Non-Hazardous Class 2 circuits in Audio and Video Equipment.

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