Subj.758 Section 2 Page 20352 Issued:1984-11-07
Style 20352 Multiple-conductor cable using non-integral jacket

Rating60 deg C, 600 Vac, Cable flame.
Conductor40 AWG minimum, solid or stranded.
Insulated ConductorLabeled or complying with manufacturer's AWM procedure.
AssemblyTwo or more twisted singles or groups of twisted singles twisted together. Lay not specified. Barrier layer and/or fillers optional. Manufacturer shall maintain a complete description of each assembly. Cable may be either straight or wound in retractile form.
ShieldOptional, may be over one or more of the insulated conductors or applied over the assembly.
JacketExtruded TPU.
Diameter of cable under jacketMinimum average thicknessMinimum thickness at any point
0.700 inch or less45 mils36 mils
0.701-1.000 inch60 mils48 mils
1.001-1.500 inch80 mils64 mils
1.501-2.500 inch110 mils88 mils
2.501 inch or larger140 mils112 mils
StandardAppliance Wiring Material UL 758.
UseAs internal wiring or external interconnection of electronic equipment.

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