Subj.758 Section 2 Page 21571 Issued:2007-08-13
Style 21571 Multiple-Conductor Cable using Non-Integral Jacket.

Rating105 deg C, 300 Vac, Optional - Outdoor use, FT2 flame, Optional - Sunlight resistant.
ConductorStranded copper 18 - 10 AWG, even sizes only. Stranding same as for SJT in UL 62.
InsulationExtruded PVC
AWG SizeMinimum Average ThicknessMinimum Thickness at any point
18-1230 mils27 mils
1045 mils40 mils
AssemblyTwo insulated circuit conductors and one insulated grounding conductor. Length of lay of insulated conductors shall not exceed the maximum specified in UL 62 for Type SJT Cord. Filler optional.
ShieldAluminum foil with 100 percent coverage over the two circuit conductors, and a braided shield composed of 36 34 AWG copper wires and with 30 percent minimum coverage over the foil.
JacketExtruded PVC
AWG SizeMinimum Average ThicknessMinimum Thickness at any point
18-1435 mils30 mils
1245 mils36 mils
1060 mils48 mils
Optional - Outdoor use cord shall employ Recognized Component - Polymeric Materials for Use in Wire, Cable and Flexible Lighting Products (QMTT2), PVC 720 Hour Sunlight Resistance Jacket Compounds rated 105 deg C.
StandardAppliance Wiring Material UL 758.
UseFor use in LCDI's and other Appliances where: Equivalence to hard service cord is required, Metallic shielding is required around the conductors, An insulation grade jacket is required. Optional - May be used outdoors.

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