Subj.758 Section 2 Page 2414 Issued:1965-07-02
Style 2414 Multi-Conductor Cable with Non-Integral Extruded Jacket.

Rating80 deg C, 300 Vac, Horizontal flame.
Conductor25 AWG,consisting of 3 strands of 33 AWG tinned copperweld and 4 strands of 33 AWG tinned copper.
InsulationExtruded PE, 15 mils minimum average, 13 mils minimum at any point.
AssemblyTwo parallel conductors.
ShieldShield consists of 38-30 AWG tinned or untinned copper strands applied as a wrap over both conductors.
JacketExtruded PVC, 15 mils minimum average, 12 mils minimum at any point.
StandardAppliance Wiring Material UL 758.
UseInternal Wiring.

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