Subj.758 Section 3 Page 3458 Issued:1982-12-02
Style 3458 Multiconductor cable with extruded non-integral jacket

Rating80 deg C, 30 Vac, VW-1 flame.
Conductor40 AWG minimum, material not specified.
InsulationSolid or Cellular XLPE, 4 mils min. at any point, 100 mils maximum
AssemblyInsulated conductor is built with inner covering, middle covering, and outer covering.
CoveringInner Covering - (Optional) 2 mils min. at any point extruded PVC, Polyamide, Polyester, PVDF, ETFE, Irradiated P.E. or F.R.P.E., or Lacquered Braids; Middle Covering - (Optional) 2 mils min. at any point extruded PVC, Irradiated F.R.P.E., polyester, Polyamide, PVDF, ETFE or Lacquered braid, or spiral wrap PETP tape with polyester adhesive 0.5 mil min at any point; Outer Covering - (Optional) PVC, 5 mils min. at any point, 40 mils max. Irradiation optional.
StandardAppliance Wiring Material UL 758.
MarkingGeneral. VW-1 on both insulated conductor and jacket.
UseWiring of Low Energy Non-Hazardous Circuits in Audio and Video Equipment.

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