Subj.758 Section 5 Page 5075 Issued:1965-10-21
Style 5075 Bonded or laminated flat ribbon cable.

Rating90 deg C, Voltage not specified, Horizontal flame, Oil Resistant 60 deg C (optional).
Conductor32 AWG - 20 AWG solid or stranded round, tinned or bare copper.
InsulationPET, PETP Tape with Oriented Polyethylene Terephthalate and Polyester or PVC Adhesive in the form of a spiral wrap bonded together., 10 mils min average, 8 mils minimum at any point.
StandardAppliance Wiring Material UL 758.
UseInternal Wiring. Tag may state: "where exposed to oil at a temperature not exceeding 60 deg C".

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