Subj.758 Section 5 Page 5422 Issued:2004-12-23
Style 5422 Single or Multiple Fiber Optic Cable with Non-Integral Extruded Jacket

Rating80 deg C, No Voltage Specified ,VW-1 Flame, Oil Resistant 60 deg C.
Conductor42 AWG - 29 AWG Plastic Fiber Optic.
BufferNylon, 21 mils minimum average, 19 mils minimum at any point.
Inner JacketExtruded Nylon or Extruded PE, 22 mils minimum avg, 20 mils minimum at any point.
Outer JacketExtruded TPU, 52 mils minimum average, 42 mils minimum at any point.
Misc.Cladding - Fluoropolymer. Optional Strain relief elements - aramid yarn. Optional Filler - rayon yarn and cotton threads. Optional Rip Cord - nylon yarn or aramid yarn. Optional Tape - polyester.
AssemblyOne to two optical fibers with cladding, inner jacket, optional strain relief elements, optional filler, optional rip cord, optional tape and overall outer jacket.
StandardAppliance Wiring Material UL 758.
UseInternal wiring or External Interconnection of electronic equipment.

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