Subj.758 Section 5 Page 5433 Issued:2006-11-03
Style 5433 Multiple-conductor cable using non-integral jacket

Rating80 deg C, no voltage specified, VW-1 flame.
AssemblyCore consisted of Optical Fiber in Subunit Tube, Strength Member, Filler and Rip Cord, then covered by overall jacket.
JacketmPPE-PE, 16 mils minimum average, 13 mils minimum at any point.
Misc.Optical Fiber - Two provided, glass with acrylate coating, 11 mils maximum diameter and optional buffer (see facing page for compound designation) 40 mils maximum diameter. Subunit Tube - mPPE-PE, 9 mils minimum average, 8 mils minimum at any point. Strength Member - Aramid yarn. Filler - Optional. Rip Cord - Optional, nylon yarn, polyester yarn or aramid yarn.
StandardAppliance Wiring Material UL 758.
UseExternal Wiring.

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