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 previously known as the Sign Component Manual (SAM)
UL’s Follow-Up Service Procedure authorizes manufacturers covered under UL’s Listing and Follow-Up Services for Electric Signs (UXYT/7), and Field-Assembled Skeletal Neon Sign and Outline Lighting Systems (UZBL/7) to apply the specified UL Listing Mark to products which comply with the requirements expressed in the Follow-Up Service Procedure, the associated Follow-Up and Inspection Instructions (FUII Pages) and the UL Standard for Electric Signs (UL 48). Compliance with these documents requires that manufacturers primarily use component products that are UL Listed. This database is a list that authorizes manufacturers to use certain UL Recognized Components, Classified Components and other non-Listed products, when they are used in accordance with 1) the conditions expressed for the components in this database, 2) the installation instructions for the component, and 3) the requirements expressed in the documents noted above.
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