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Welcome to UL's Electrical Insulation Systems Database
Component-Electrical Insulation System Components (OBJS2)
This database serves three main purposes:
1. If you are a manufacturer wishing to build an EIS (Electrical Insulation System) in accordance with one covered in this database, simply arrange for UL to place a reference to that specific EIS in your EIS file. It will not be necessary to describe the details of the EIS in that file. NOTE – AUTHORIZATION FROM THE ORIGINATOR OF THE EIS IS REQUIRED PRIOR TO ANY TESTING TO MODIFY AN EIS ON THIS DATABASE.
2. UL’s Field Staff will be able to obtain the detailed description of the EIS and verify a product’s construction by electronically accessing the database. This description will always be current and instances of product variation notices due to, for example, material or supplier name changes will be eliminated.
3. By using the 'Parametric' feature you can electronically search the database for all EIS by: class, ANSI wire type, a specific major insulation or varnish you're interested in.
Unless otherwise specified in the individual recognition, the insulation system has been evaluated for use at a rated voltage corresponding to the low voltage distribution network where transient overvoltages are limited and partial discharge is not likely to contribute to the degradation of the insulation system. This use is consistent with systems extending from the service point or source of power operating at not more than 600 V nominal according to the National Electrical Code, NFPA 70. This application is also consistent with systems extending from the consumer's service in Low-Voltage or Extra-low voltage applications at not more than 750 V according to the Canadian Electrical Code, C22.1 and low-voltage mains of 1000 V ac or less in overvoltage category IV installations according to Electrical Installations of Buildings, IEC 60364.

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