Electrical Insulation System Components E247773
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System Component System Designation System Class
SYNtherm H, SYNtherm YT510, SYNtherm YT511, SYNtherm YT516, SYNtherm YT56, SYNtherm YT564 SYNFLEX 180 180(H)
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alternate constructions:
An Authorization Letter is Required for Adoption of this System
Construction Details (Table I)
Complies with IEC Publication 85
The use of this insulation system is limited to the combination of materials specified below. Where more than one item is designated under insulation function, they may be used together, unless otherwise indicated, or they may be used as alternates to one another. Functions designated "optional" are not necessarily required for every design. Insulation thicknesses and/or layers below indicated are minimum.
Enameled Wire
Recognized Component - Magnet wire (OBMW2), single build or greater, round or rectangular, copper or aluminum unless stated otherwise for the types listed below
Ground Insulation is required to separate this winding from grounded/dead metal
Interwinding Insulation is required to separate this winding from other enameled wire
Unless otherwise noted, Winding Wire types listed below may be used in combination within a single product
ANSI TypeTemp(°C)Basecoat(Topcoat)
MW 35or 200°CPolyester-amide-imide (Polyamide-imide)
MW 35-Aor 220°CPolyester-amide-imide (Polyamide-imide)
MW 36or 200°CPolyester-amide-imide (Polyamide-imide)
MW 36-Aor 220°CPolyester (Polyamide-imide)
MW 37or 220°CPolyester (Polyamide-imide)
MW 38or 220°CPolyester (Polyamide-imide)
MW 73or 200°CPolyester-amide-imide (Polyamide-imide)
MW 73-Aor 220°CPolyester-amide-imide (Polyamide-imide)
MW 74or 200°CPolyester-amide-imide
Ground and Interwinding Insulations
BASF SE [E41871] - Recognized Component
Ultradur B4450 G5 (t)15 (0.38)
Ultramid A3X2G5(f1), A3X2G5 BMB(f1)15 (0.38)
Ultramid T KR4365G515 (0.38)
CELANESE INTERNATIONAL CORP [E41938] - Recognized Component
Rynite 530 (f1) (+), 530L (f1) (+)15 (0.38)
Rynite FR530(l)(+)(f1), FR530L(l)(+)(f1)15 (0.38)
Rynite FR533NH15 (0.38)
Zytel FR50(+)(f1)15 (0.38)
Zytel FR72G25V015 (0.38)
DuPont Specialty Products USA, LLC [E34739] - Recognized Component
Nomex® 406, 3063 (0.08)
Nomex® 4103 (0.08)
Nomex® 4117 (0.18)
Nomex® 416, 416 LAM3 (0.08)
Nomex® 418, 818, 864LAM3 (0.08)
Nomex® 464, 464 LAM3 (0.08)
Nomex® 992, 992PSB6 (0.15)
Nomex® 993, 993PSB5 (0.13)
Nomex® 994, 994PSB5 (0.13)
Nomex® E56, 3564.5 (0.11)
Envalior [E245249] - Recognized Component
POCAN B4239+, ECOB4239+15 (0.38)
POCAN BF4235+(f1)15 (0.38)
POCAN BF4235+(f2)15 (0.38)
POCAN BFN4231+(f2),ECOBFN4231+(f2),TP315-301+(f2)15 (0.38)
SYNFLEX ELEKTRO GMBH [E358562] - Recognized Component
SYNtherm H2 (0.05)
SYNtherm YT5103 (0.08)
SYNtherm YT5117 (0.18)
SYNtherm YT5163 (0.08)
SYNtherm YT563 (0.08)
SYNtherm YT5643 (0.08)
any sheet insulation or tape described in this table with no minimum thickness requirement may be used as a minor sheet material
tapes are optional for this system
Synflex Elektro GmbH & Co. KG
Syntape H 618/GL96
Syntape H428/H20

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