Sign AccessoriesE364597
Guide Information
8010 SunPort Dr, Ste 101, Orlando FL 32809
Conditions of Use:
1. Environmental Suitability: Wet, Damp or Dry Location.
2. This product does not require an additional enclosure.
3. Circuit Type: Class 2/LPS
4. Input Ratings - Voltage: .V; Max Amps: .A; Max Watts: 90W
(f) - Where the first X may be A~Z or blank, indicates internal code; Y may be 0~9 or A~Z, indicates product type; the second X may be 0~9 or A~Z, indicates product size or shape; the third X may be 1~9, indicates LED quantity; WW may be A~Z or alpha character combination, indicates LED encapsulation type; and the fourth X may be replaced with A,B,Q,R=12V or C,D,K,P=24V or E,M,N,W=5V, indicates input voltage(DC).
XX - Denotes different material of housing, ¿HP¿ represents Extruded aluminum, ¿LP¿ represents aluminum sheet housing, ¿SP¿ represents polymeric housing. ¿XX¿ can be HP, LP for models with output wattage 60W and 150W, can be HP, LP, SP for models with output wattage 100W, can be HP for models with output wattage 240W.
Y - Denotes functional option, ¿A¿ represents providing adjustable resistor, ¿B¿ represents providing dimmer board and dimmer cord, blank represents no adjustable resistor, dimmer board or dimmer cord.
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Last Revised:2019-09-26