Sign AccessoriesE364597
Guide Information
8010 SunPort Dr, Ste 101, Orlando FL 32809
EVE-150-24 A
Conditions of Use:
1. Environmental Suitability: Wet, Damp or Dry Location.
2. Circuit Type: Isolated
3. Input Ratings - Voltage: 100-240Vac; Frequency: 50/60Hz; Max Amps: 1.83A
4. Output Ratings - Voltage: 24Vdc; Amps: 6.25A; Max Watts: 150W
5. Maximum case temperature is 75°C.
6. Maximum ambient temperature permitted without additional testing is 40°C.
7. LED driver spacing to other heat producing components shall be minimum 2 inches spacing to sidewalls, and minimum 2 inches spacing to top of enclosure.
8. LED Drivers shall be located not less than 1 inch (25.4mm) apart when arranged end-to-end, and not less than 4 inches (102mm) apart when arranged otherwise.
9. The product is intended to be built-in, the suitability of enclosure, mounting, input / output connections shall be considered in the end product.
10. This LED driver is of the constant voltage type that requires the proper number of LED modules and controllers that does not exceed the maximum output current.
11. This product is intended to be connected to a maximum 20 A branch circuit.
12. This product is suitable for factory wiring only.
13. The Ta is also 50C for damp location.
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Last Revised:2017-08-08