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Component - PlasticsE121855
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425 N Gary Ave, Carol Stream IL 60188
Formex N3-(b)(d)(e)(k)(L)(f2)
Polycarbonate (PC), furnished as Multiple Layers of Sheets

Min. Thk


RTI Elec
NC, BK0.05VTM-044120-120
Comparative Tracking Index (CTI):3Inclined Plane Tracking (IPT) kV:1.5
Dielectric Strength (kV/mm):42Volume Resistivity (10x ohm-cm):16
High-Voltage Arc Tracking Rate (HVTR):1Surface Resistivity (10x ohms/square):-
Dimensional Change (%):-High Volt, Low Current Arc Resis (D495):-
(L) - Meets the requirements for Reinforced Insulation and Supplementary Insulation requirements in IEC60950-1 , IEC62368-1, IEC61558-1, IEC60065 and IEC61347-1 at thicknesses between 0.16 mm and 0.25 mm inclusive
(b) - May have additional suffix letter(s) indicating color.
(d) - May have additional suffix letter(s) indicating color.
(e) - Meets the requirements for IEC 60950-1, IEC 61558-1 Mandrel Test at 0.16 mm, 0.19 mm and 0.25 mm thickness at 7KvAC
(f2) - Subjected to one or more of the following tests: Ultraviolet Light, Water Exposure or Immersion in accordance with UL 746C, where the acceptability for outdoor use is to be determined by UL.
(k) - Complies with the IEC 60695-11-5, 12 mm Flame Test (60 Sec flame duration).
NOTE - HVTR, CTI and D495 are not dependent on thickness
ANSI/UL 94 small-scale test data does not pertain to building materials, furnishings and related contents. ANSI/UL 94 small-scale test data is intended solely for determining the flammability of plastic materials used in the components and parts of end-product devices and appliances, where the acceptability of the combination is determined by UL.
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Last Revised:2020-09-29
IEC and ISO Test Methods
Test NameTest MethodUnitsThk (mm)Value
FlammabilityISO 9773Class (color)0.05VTM-0 (NC, BK)
0.16VTM-0 (NC, BK)
0.19VTM-0 (NC, BK)
0.25VTM-0 (NC, BK)
Glow-Wire Flammability (GWFI)IEC 60695-2-12°C--
Glow-Wire Ignition (GWIT)IEC 60695-2-13°C--
IEC Comparative Tracking IndexIEC 60112Volts (Max)--
IEC AC Dielectric Strength (AC DS)IEC 60243-1kV/mm--
IEC DC Dielectric Strength (DC DS) IEC 60243-2kV/mm--
IEC Volume Resistivity (VR)IEC 62631-3-110x ohm-m--
IEC Surface Resistivity (SR)IEC 62631-3-210x ohms--
IEC Inclined Plane Tracking (IPT)IEC 60587kV--
IEC Ball PressureIEC 60695-10-2°C--
ISO Heat Deflection (1.80 MPa)ISO 75-2°C--
ISO Tensile StrengthISO 527-2MPa--
ISO Flexural StrengthISO 178MPa--
ISO Tensile ImpactISO 8256kJ/m2--
ISO Izod ImpactISO 180kJ/m2--
ISO Charpy ImpactISO 179-1kJ/m2--