Sign AccessoriesE364597
Guide Information
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Conditions of Use:
1. Environmental Suitability: Wet, Damp or Dry Location.
2. This product has not been investigated for use as an electrical enclosure.
3. Circuit Type: Class 2
4. This device is of the constant voltage type which requires that the number of modules and controllers used does not exceed the maximum output current.
5. Input Ratings - Voltage: 100-277Vac; Frequency: 50/60Hz; Max Amps: 1.7A; Max Watts: 110W
6. Output Ratings - Voltage: 24Vdc; Amps: 4.0A
7. Maximum number of separate outputs(channels):1.
8. Maximum case temperature is 75.6°C.
9. Maximum ambient temperature permitted without additional testing is 50°C.
10. LED driver or power supply spacing to thermoplastic, wood, fiber, or other combustible type enclosure materials shall be 1 in. unless temperature tested.
11. Two or more adjacent LED drivers or LED power supplies shall not be mounted closer than 1 in. end to end or 4 in. side to side unless temperature tested for the application.
12. The input and output connections have been investigated for factory wiring only. The need for other consideration should be considered in end-use product.
13. The LED Power Supply is suitable for use in dry, damp and wet locations. Additional considerations may be necessary as this LED Power Supply is integrated into wet rated end devices (i.e. input and output wiring, accessibility of the output based on maximum voltage restrictions for wet rated Class 2 circuits, acceptability of markings, etc.).
14. The LED Power Supply has been evaluated using electronic loads.
15. The LED Power Supply has been temperature tested in a 50 °C ambient, where the maximum temperatures on the outer surface of the enclosure above Transformer (T1) reached 95.4 °C. The maximum surface temperature did not exceed 90 °C when tested at 40 °C. The need for further evaluation of the internal components shall be considered if enclosure temperatures exceed this value when subjected to temperature testing in the end product.
16. The LED Power Supply is constant voltage type that requires the proper number of LED module and controller loads that do not exceed the maximum output current rating.
17. The LED Power Supply is intended for built-in factory assembled sign use, where the suitability of the enclosure, mounting, and input/output connections shall be considered in the end product.
18. The output of the LED Power Supply has been evaluated as Class 2 output requirements.
19. These products utilize a UL Recognized OBJY2 Class B electrical insulation system.
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Last Revised:2023-06-01