Sign AccessoriesE364597
Guide Information
8010 SunPort Dr, Ste 101, Orlando FL 32809
Conditions of Use:
1. Circuit Type: Class 2
2. Input Ratings - Voltage: 100-277Vac; Frequency: 50/60Hz; Max Amps: 1.5A
3. Output Ratings - Voltage: 12Vdc; Amps: 5A
4. In the end product, power supply spacing to other heat producing components shall be at least 25.4 mm (1 in.) from end to end, and 101.6 mm (4 in.) from side to side
5. LED drivers model have been tested in oven at max. 40ºC ambient
6. The suitability of input/output leads and the wiring shall be determined in end product use
7. These LED drivers are intended to be operated on a maximum 20 A branch circuit
8. These LED drivers are suitable for factory wiring only
9. These LED Drivers comply with Class 2 output requirements
10. These products are constant voltage type that requires the proper number of LED modules and controllers that do not exceed the maximum output current
11. These products are intended for use in dry and damp locations only.
12. These products shall be enclosed inside a suitable electrical enclosure in the end product applications.
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Last Revised:2023-09-27